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You Ever Wonder ...

Do you ever wonder, what’s your purpose? I started asking myself this years ago. More specifically at the age of 17, after getting into a car accident that was so bad the doctors were amazed I made it out alive with only a broken hip. I remember so clearly the nurse looking over me as I lay on the hospital bed and saying “God has a plan for you.” I was stuck at home in bed for about a month after that accident, unable to do much walking. I spent most of those days wondering exactly what that plan was? What was I placed on this earth to do? How will I make a difference?

Fast forward to the present I’m living my purpose! I love sharing my weight loss story and helping others make their own. I didn’t know health, fitness and nutrition would be the answer when I was home in my bed for that month. But I knew once I found it, I was going to take off running and never look back. As they say YOLO. I challenge YOU to find your purpose and start living it.

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