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Accomplishing Life

Accomplishing life ... How does that look? What does that mean? For me, accomplishing life is doing what makes you happy. Taking on new experiences that fits your tastes and interests. For me on this day, that meant running the Spartan Race. I remember watching the race on T.V a little over a year ago. My bestie texted me and told me it was on. I turned it on and watched. I don't even watch much TV, but I watched this race. Krys and I texted back and forth about the craziness that was on our TV screens ... people crawling under barbed wire, jumping walls, jumping fires. I told my bestie, one day I'm going to do this.

Today was that day. I ran the Spartan Sprint. Next it'll be the Spartan Super, then Spartan Beast. I'm accomplishing life. Yesterday I thought to myself, wow, I'm really doing this. Finishing that race felt awesome, I felt like a new person. I felt like I was on top of the world. I also felt drained, tired and hungry. But most importantly, I felt like I accomplished another piece of my "be happy" life. What will those other pieces look like? Idk, maybe climbing a mountain, traveling more ...

What will make you feel accomplished and happy?

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