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Calling All Awesome Chicks

Join The Fit Chick Online Challenge!

You deserve to do something for you. If you've been needing a jump start to get back on track with your health, this challenge is the jump start.  

Join the Challenge if you:

  • Want to lose weight 

  • Want to better understand the food we eat and how it affects weight and health goals

  • Want a healthier lifestyle, more energy and better quality of life

  • Need someone to hold you accountable

  • Need coaching in the area of health and fitness

You will receive:

  • Access to The Fit Chick Challenge online portal. This is where all the action for the challenge will take place!

  • Motivation from me ~ Coach Shay

  • Nutrition Guidance!

  • Accountability!

  • At home workouts!

  • Self Empowerment!

  • Support from other women joining the challenge like you!

Join The Fit Chick Challenge

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