Celebrating the people who transformed their lives with help from the head coach of Those Fitness Chicks.
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“Shahidah is my personal trainer she is the bomb. Anyone who uses her will be very happy with your results and her motivational skills are wonderful. She has truly changed my life for the better and will change yours as well. Thanks Shahidah for being my biggest fan on this weight loss Journey. Signed your grateful Client.”

/// Kymberlie Mykel

“I dare you to come out and try her classes, she will work your shoes off!!!! Lol. Zumba is really fun and high intense.”

/// Rhonda Johnson

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Shahidah when she filled in for my regular trainer. What a tremendous experience!! She was tough, but encouraging. Even though this was the first time I had worked with her, it was very clear that you, your goals, and your experience was very important to her. She is incredibly positive with her support and motivation, and at the same time, she really gets you to dig deep and push through to finish. You also learn very very quickly to never forget what count you are on because she will make you start over if you do!! I think Shahidah is a tremendous individual and would be honored to work with her again!!”

/// Tim Jendro

“I have a lot of fun in Shahidah's zumba classes. I lost weight and toned while having fun - without dieting! My clothes fit so much better and, most importantly, I feel better. The classes help me build endurance and I feel my heart is getting a much needed workout..”

/// Diana Reynolds

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