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Every Monday; Sign up by Friday


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Fit By The Basics 6 Week Virtual Nutrition & Strength Training Challenge

*EVERY WEEK;SIGN UP BY FRIDAY TO START ON MONDAY* A healthy lifestyle does not have to be complicated! If you want sustainable health & weight loss, want your energy back, or want to know more about nutrition & how it helps the body; Fit By The Basics is your all in one program to a healthier you!

Fit By The Basics 6 Week Virtual Nutrition & Strength Training Challenge
Fit By The Basics 6 Week Virtual Nutrition & Strength Training Challenge

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Every Monday; Sign up by Friday

Those Fitness Chicks Coaching App

About the Event

Hey there! Does any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you?

Scenario 1: You feel you are eating more than you should, or that you need to lose some weight.  So you go on an extreme diet that cuts out food groups, like carbs, and all the other good things that comes with eating. It may work for the moment and so you feel good (but also a bit tired and low in energy). You end this extreme diet but OH NO! The weight comes back. Now you're back where you started, or worse off.

Scenario 2: You've decided that a change in your nutrition is needed, because you have some pounds to lose and you just want to be healthier. You go to the internet of things or other resources for some information on where to start. You receive an over load of info on eat this not that, keto this and keto that, no carb / low carb. At the end of it all you're confused, still don't know where to start, and now feeling somewhat demotivated. 

Scenario 3: You think you're doing fine with nutrition and working out, but the results aren't showing up how you'd like them too. Maybe it's your workouts, maybe it's your nutrition ... you just aren't sure. You want to know more in both of these areas, so that you can do better. 

Scenario 4: You are constantly tired, always low in energy - but you are not doing the work to cause you to feel this way. 

You know there are some things that you could be doing better nutrition wise, but you just havn't taken the next step. Even still, you want to feel better while doing your day to day activities, and you want to feel healthy and strong again.

Find yourself in any of the above? If so, you're in the right place. 62% of Americans change their diets for the goal of feeling better and for better health; and the link between food and our well being is very direct. Food is often the cause of fat and weight gain, complaints, ailments, disease, mood, and energy. 

Lack of nutritional education, the marketing of various foods and the latest fad diets are common barriers faced by those who are looking to make healthy and lifestyle changes.

Fit By The Basics Program delivers nutritional education and knowledge on how to eat for sustained health and weight loss in a basic, non complicated way.  You will learn how nutrition plays a key role to your health; how carbs, proteins, and fats help the body; and so much more! You will gain knowledge on how to make healthier choices and know why you are making these choices. You will have power and confidence around nutrition and an overall better relationship with food and your personal eating habits. Quit blindly following the latest fad diet, and know the why behind your food choices.

There is a 6 week training program included! Not only will you know your stuff about nutrition - but you'll be working on your body goals too! The training program is a combo of strength and cardio fat buring workouts. The best part - they can be done in the comfort of your own home (dumbbells or household substitute needed - like water bottles)

At the end of this exciting 6 week program you will have everything you need to make empowered decisions about the foods you choose to eat and you'll be stronger and leaner too!

Program Breakdown:

  • Weekly topics to on nutrition & the key components of health. Videos can be watched when it is convenient for you. (see "Schedule" below for weekly topics)
  • 5 training workouts per week - all 45 minutes or less
  • Accountability coach that will check in and keep you motivated
  • A private group with everyone who is taking the program with you - encourage and motivate one another
  • Weekly live Q&A with Coach Shay - ask any questions around the weekly nutrition topics and workouts
  • 45 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert 

What more can you ask for in a health program?  Fit By The Basics program is your all in one jump start to a happier, healthier & stronger you! It's an amazing program for everyone -

* those who are just starting on their health journey

* those who want to learn more about nutrition

* fitness enthusiasts

* those who want more complete health but has given up or don’t know where to start 

* anyone who wants to be a healtheir, better version of themselves

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