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Discover Volume 3 of out TFC Recipe Pack & Meal Planner. All of our recipe packs include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tasty treats. We also include a meal planner to help tie everything together. This recipe pack will make your health journey excitng and like new. Our unique recipes bring flavor to your taste buds and shakes things up in the kitchen.


This delicious 35 page E-Book includes:

* 15 recipes of delicious meals and treats. 
* A meal planner to follow with the recipes. Meals are planned out for your entire week.
* A complete grocery list for all recipes - makes grocery shopping efficient and easy.
* My Fitness Pal bar-codes for every recipe. Scan the bar-code using your My Fitness Pal app to quickly upload and keep track of your meals, nutrition & calories. This keeps you on top of your nutritional goals.

It's time to add excitement to your kitchen, try new things, and feed your body delicious food that will help it thrive.

TFC Recipe Pack & Meal Plan Volume 3

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