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What are Those Fitness Chicks about anyway?

Wondering what Those Fitness Chicks are about or what I can do for you? Well lets start with the roles of the average woman.

Historically, middle class women have always been hard-working and devoted to their families. We've shifted from churning butter to grinding in white and blue collar jobs (Yay us!). Currently, women make up almost half (47%) of the United States workforce. Coming home from work, we'd resume our roll as supermoms and house managers.

Compared to men, us gals experience more physical and emotional symptoms of stress. We're often juggling other things along with work, like school, kids, family, friends and just life. We often put ourselves last because with everything thats in front of us, suddenly the end of the day arrives and there is little time left for us. Most want to manage weight or diet, but have limited time and willpower. Women, we are in good company.

That's what inspired Those Fitness Chicks. I've been doing in person training for 5 years now. Meeting and speaking with many women in my career, there seem to be a reoccurring theme for those who aren't taking care of themselves. Kids, time, crazy schedules, work, money etc. I always would ask, but what about you?! If you're not well, how can you take care of others or perform at your peak?

Those Fitness Chicks will be a community of women taking control of there health and supporting one another on the journey. Online training programs will be offered and tailored for the women described above, The workouts can be done anytime. They are quick, but efficient. Tough enough to challenge, but easy enough to do. Programs come with nutrition, recipes, and other perks. Most importantly they come with accountability, results and a more confident you.

The first program will launch the first week of July. I'm super excited as I'm sure many will benefit from it. Also stay on watch for my free subscription channel!

Follow this link for more fun facts about the working woman! :

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