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to live Happy, Healthy, and Strong.

You Deserve It

Those Fitness Chicks help women

build strong bodies and strong minds.

With personal training and coaching sessions 

women reach their health, body and

personal growth goals so they can

live happy, healthy and strong.


Meet Coach Shay - 

The mind behind Those Fitness Chicks.

Before she was 260 lbs and a size 20.
She had high blood pressure and took medication

everyday. She knew nothing about nutrition.

Today Coach Shay is 150 lbs, a size 8 and high blood pressure is no longer an issue. Nutrition, exercise and

mindset played a huge role in her transformation.

Now she helps women who are on their health, body and personal growth journey!

See Coach Shay to discuss your Health, Body & Personal Growth goals!

Personalized Training / Coaching  Programs

  • Tailored specifically for your personal goals and fitness needs.


Accountability from your coach

  • Stay motivated and on track.

Personal 1 on 1 Training

Group Training

Nutrition Coaching

Personal Growth



The Mission

Those Fitness Chicks mission is to empower women to go fearlessly after their health, fitness and life goals. We are experts in helping women lose fat while strengthening their bodies. We are experts in life and personal development coaching.

It is our goal that every woman that walks through our door not only experiences the body transformation they want, but also an increase in energy and confidence. We want you to leave our studio feeling good, happy and accomplished after every single session. This is the place for the "me time" women need from the chaos of everyday life, and the place to do something for themselves.


We help women who are new to exercise as well as exercise enthusiasts who may be more seasoned with working out. No matter where you are in your journey, Those Fitness Chicks will help you get to the goal.

We are here to help women on their journey to healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.

Coach Shay

Coach Shay's Health Journey

My Before

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