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The Body Renewed 14 Day Detox

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Body Renewed Detox $9.97

The Body Renewed 2 Week Detox Ebook comes with:

* How and what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner over 2 weeks.

* Recipes, including detox friendly dessert recipes!

Those who have done this detox experienced: 

* Weight loss.

* An increase in energy.

* Improved mood.

* Relief from bloating.

Detox plus go the extra mile with personalized meal planning: 

*Get help with better food choices that you can sustain.

* Have balanced nutrition.

* Know what to eat and when to eat, at times that work for you.

* Have this all planned out for you in as little as 2 minutes.

* Save time and energy on trying to figure food and nutrition out for yourself.

* Create new meal plans weekly, monthly or as often as you like.

Gain access to your very own client nutrition portal designed to help you with your nutrition and body goals.

Check out views of the client nutrition portal:

Body Renewed Detox $9.97

Those Fitness Chicks Nutrition Planning is valued at $50 per month. Packaged with the Body Renewed 14 Day Detox it is a value of $59.97


Today you can have: 


* 1 month of meal planning plus the Body Renewed 14 Day Detox together for $37.

* 3 months of meal planning plus the Body Renewed 14 Day Detox

(valued at $159.97) for $75.

* PLUS: Both options includes 2 extra weeks of access to your Nutrition Portal. This allows time to complete your 14 day detox before getting into your personalized meal planning!

Start now for healthier, sustainable eating habits!

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